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Tooling-less Castings

The patented Clinkenbeard® Toolingless Process of machining sand cores and molds is extremely accurate and offers the fastest turnaround times for cast metal parts greatly minimizing typical costs associated with the product development. Utilizing this process can reduce the lead time to obtain development castings by up to 90%.

With the Clinkenbeard® Process...

  • You can eliminate the need for prototype tooling depending on your project requirements.
  • You can have greater flexibility to make and test multiple design iterations during product development, from the simple to complex parts.
  • Significantly reduce the costs of production tooling for one-off and small quantities.
  • Quickly get accurate, prototype parts in hand while large quantity tooling is being developed.
  • Completely eliminate the need to inventory store tooling.
  • Match exact production core materials and chemical levels so that prototype castings emulate production.
  • Incorporate engineering changes into high-volume production sand cores.

The Clinkenbeard® Process allows you to test your design with hardware, while the competition is still finalizing their ideas!

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