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Small Lot Production

Small lot production provides a "bridge" to production, that is, prototype parts which replicate production parts, flowing while a production supplier is developed or brought online, or until production justifies a high volume process.

Keeps capital investment low until sales mature. Your parts can be made less expensively with production tooling and processes such as die casting; capital tooling investment is higher and not usually justified until sales volume increases to a defined level.

This process also is ideal for replacement parts for part numbers which are obsolete or tooling that is lost or worn out. Short run production can be the production process for parts which may never grow in volume, with all the associated benefits.

  • Speed. Production quality parts are made in a fraction of the time it takes to produce production parts.
  • Price. Short run tooling cost is accomplished at a fraction of the production tooling cost.
  • Flexibility. Change the design on the fly. "Lean Manufacturing" encourages design improvements to be implemented regularly, and it is much less expensive to make engineering changes in prototype stages than in production and hard tooling stages.

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