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Foundry Tooling

Founded in 1966 to service local aerospace OEM's making highly cored aerospace castings, Clinkenbeard has developed intimate knowledge of the foundry tooling and casting industry. Foundry patterns were made by skilled craftsmen on the bench back in 1966. We now have skilled designers working in 3d CAD and 5-axis machinists cutting patterns in high speed CNC milling centers. Accuracy, repeatability, and SPEED are the benefits associated with the paradigm shift which has transformed this industry.

We design and manufacture patterns, make sand molds and sand cores, and machine metal castings under one roof. We can make molds and cores to check size and fit to be sure that the foundry tooling will work the first time on your foundry floor. This knowledge and experience allows us to understand the issues involved with each step of the process while making metal castings so that we can avoid the pitfalls which prevent your product from reaching the market ahead of the competition.

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