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Impellers & Inducers

Impellers, inducers, blades, vanes, wheels and more for the aerospace, aviation, automotive, engine, pump, and other industries.

In the US marketplace and abroad, our name has become synonymous with 5-axis and other multi-axis machining. Our leading reputation has not just been bestowed us; we have earned it.

And we enjoy providing customers with highly accurate, highly complex prototypes and manufactured parts and components in lead times that none of our competitors can match. We are Fasterestest.

Our highly skilled CNC machinists and our superior trained designers produce customer parts and components with the accuracy, flexibility, precision and speed that requires less handling, and less set up time with a virtually zero chance of error. We make these parts in a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Wrapped blades and vanes are difficult to machine, they are equally difficult to inspect. We have the technology and experience in place to manufacture and inspect these unusual shapes.

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