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Matt Gustafson Named General Manager

Matt Gustafson was recently named General Manager.

Matt began his career at Clinkenbeard more than 20 years ago running and maintaining Rapid Prototype Equipment. He also worked as a CNC Machinist, Tooling Design Manager and Director of Innovation before being promoted to General Manager.

In addition, Matt was a co-developer of the patented Clinkenbeard® Process, which is a “toolingless” process for achieving exceptionally fast turnaround on metal castings.

In his new role as General Manager, Matt will work to increase Clinkenbeard's ability to deliver rapid machining of prototype parts, short run production and repair parts for customers. He will also work to develop strategies that save Clinkenbeard customers time and money in the introduction of new products to market from design, mock up, prototyping, pilot runs and bridging the gaps to market.



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